Reckoning Flusser

Computational experiments on a multidimensional performative indexing system to explore Vilém Flusser’s thinking universe

Reckoning Flusser is a performative indexing system developed together with Philipp Tögel to articulate and display Vilém Flusser’s thinking universe, through engaging with archive, academic and artistic material that relates to it. Its groundwork is the keyword system from the Vilém Flusser Archive. The main goal of this platform is to enable adaptive internal languages to emerge, working with three main principles. The first would be that objects hold values only in relation to other objects. That means
they do not exist but in dialogue, and therefore they emerge through their associations with other elements. Secondly, we  want to place our objects in a flexible matrix of approximate locations, instead of immutable positions, thus allowing the emergence of processual languages. We use a color system for that, since color promises to offer a flexible and gradual space, that knows no fixed boundaries and can be underpinned by varying mathematical representation models. This second principle draws from Flusser’s visions for a transversal color code, suggested for the Casa da Cor project.

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