Archipel Stations Community Radio

Archipel Stations is an on air and online community radio for contributions from all who would like to share their voice and/or work.

Archipel Stations Community Radio is an itinerant webradio occupying venues worldwide, from where events are broadcast and programs from elsewhere are transmitted live. We are a public-spirited platform and work to become a decentralised organisation for lively exchange, emancipatory practices and encounters. By mixing virtual/physical spaces with an all-embracing curatorship and the use of various analog and digital radio technologies,
we participate on the emergence of new geographies and unstable power dynamics.

We host a weekly two hours of FM broadcast on FR-BB (88,4 FM Berlin and 90,7 FM Potsdam) and every firth Tuesday of a month we organise 18 hours of live broadcast from different spaces around the world.

Archipel Stations participates in different forms in artistic and educational projects, for example, our participation on SAVVY Contemporary’s exhibition SOIL IS AN INSCRIBED BODY: ON SOVEREIGNTY AND AGROPOETICS, for which we expanded our live radio by experimenting with a participative and generative radio format using a Telegram group “hack” put  together in collaboration with radio aporee. The outcome of this experiment became  a public platform with a continuous streaming on our webradio. The members of  this group are agropoets, such as members of the researched initiatives, artists  and researchers. The chat group grew into a dialogical, plural and decentralised way of sharing experiences and knowledge, as well as an art piece itself, bringing connection and new senses of spatialities to all agents involved. The voice memo and audios posted in the group were transformed in RSS files that composed an expanded archive of poetry and struggle regarding food and land sovereignty around the world.

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Live radio session as part of the Invocations from SAVVY Contemporary’s exhibition SOIL IS AN INSCRIBED BODY: ON SOVEREIGNTY AND AGROPOETICS. Special guest Kate Donovan in interview with artist Bouba Touré

Crosscasting: term coined to described the radio experiments Archipel conducts mixing analogue and digital radio technologies involving a wide network of contributors worldwide

Archipel e.V in residence at BetoNest in August 2018: the beginning of Archipel Stations

Participation on the exhibition SOIL IS AN INSCRIBED BODY: ON SOVEREIGNTY AND AGROPOETICS at SAVVY Contemporary, in which Monai de Paula Antunes conducted a generative and participatory radio experiment 

Example of posters for Archipel’s radio events

Live transmition at the Zabriskie Bookshop, Berlin 

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