Performative Information and Embodiment System for Time Travel and other Multidimensional Perceptual Experiences

ring is a time machine. More specifically, it is a system for processing and embodiment of information. It could be also called a game, or a play.

A combination of different techniques from psychology and elements of play (chance, confrontation, simulation and vertigo) were used to design the functioning of ring. The methods were taken mostly from systemic therapies, hypnosis and meditation skills. Within an artistic and playful context, they support the channeling of imagination,
memory and vast information that rationally is not being perceived. In the course of the game - through collectivity and spatial rearrangements - narrative and perception are dynamically expanded, enabling participants to experience multidimensional settings of time and space.

︎ video

ring being played at Ufer Studios as part of the Mykorrhiza Berlin Festival

Game instructions

Card deck for playing ring

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