A collaboration with Maria Sideri

Incessant Basin is an expanding sonic diary practice and a performative archive connected with a sound installation and a transmission environment. The sound installation compiles recordings and sounds from the cities of Athens, Alexandria, and Marseille and other places in Greece and Egypt visited during the artistic residency School for Sonic Memory, part of the project ALEXANDRIA: (RE)ACTIVATING COMMON URBAN IMAGINARIES. The material gives the stage to the materiality and to the agency of sounds to narrate their own stories of the cities and their watery lives. A transmission environment connected with a sound installation offers a dynamic structure to host and display this collection, in which the experience in the space generates the output.

Incessant Basin, 2022, Installation view & details, radio transmission environment (low power transmitters, radio receivers), audio player with sonic archive material from School for Sonic Memory residency program, Onassis Stegi, Athens, GR, 2022 (image credits below Pinelopi Gerasimou)

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